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Venezuela: Cev and NGOs demand to prosecute police and it militare

CEV and NGOs demanded to prosecute police and military

The clergy and human rights activists allege that the population has been victim of paramilitary groups

The Venezuelan Episcopal Conference and 22 organizations government - including the 12 that make up the forum for life - not issued communiqués that denounce that repressing protests police and military personnel have violated the human rights of many protesters; that population has been a victim of paramilitary armed groups, and that it is required an impartial investigation of what happened.

"We are strongly opposed to the use of the force exerted on some demonstrations by security agencies of the State, which have exceeded and have produced irreparable consequences. Check also the defenselessness of citizens before the emergence of armed groups not police or military that have lashed out against the population", States the communiqué of the CEV.

The clergy warns that you we need to identify those responsible for the attacks on protesters. "The Moral power, especially the prosecution, should investigate these cases and put in the hands of Justice to members of these bodies who have abused their authority. It is necessary to arrive at the truth of the events of these days. It has proposed a Commission of the truth

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